30 sites to land your first Virtual Assistant gig

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March 3, 2024
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So you’ve decided to jump into Virtual Assistance or Freelancing. Your resume is updated and you know what services to offer, now the next step would be finding clients or jobs. But where to start? Where to find virtual assistant jobs as a beginner? In this article, we enumerated a few websites or job sites where you can land your first job or get your first client as a VA.

Job platforms

Job boards or freelance marketplaces are the most popular and common sites to find virtual assistant jobs as a beginner. Creating a profile in these job portals is straightforward. It’s like creating a social media account but for work. Over the years, there have been a plethora of remote work sites open to online freelancers and virtual assistants. These job platforms usually have a variety of jobs that you can apply to. Here are some of them:

  1. Upwork
  2. Onlinejobs ph
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Fiverr
  5. Freeeup
  6. Indeed
  7. Freelancer
  8. Flexjobs
  9. Kalibrr
  10. Hubstaff
  11. Wellfound
  12. Guru
  13. Contra
  14. PeoplePerHour
  15. WeWork Remotely

VA companies and outsourcing agencies

Several Virtual Assistant agencies have sprouted over the years but most especially during the pandemic. In the Philippines, VA agencies have become one of the best ways to find virtual assistant jobs for a beginner. The benefits of working at agencies is they sometimes provide training and match you with clients. Outsourcing companies are a little different than VA agencies. The main diff. is that VA agencies are companies that train and hire VA then match them with clients later. Outsourcing companies may have different job role openings, they have to vet you or train you, and then if you pass their interview, you can move forward with the client interview. You work directly with clients once outsourced. Not all outsourcing companies provide training though.

  1. Athena
  2. Virtudesk
  3. Pineapple staffing
  4. Growth Assistant
  5. DOXA Talent
  6. GoTeam
  7. Virtual staff finder
  8. MyOutDesk
  9. Remote Coworker
  10. Virtual Done Well
  11. HelloRache
  12. Career Shepherd
  13. Reva
  14. ClearDesk
  15. Wing Assistant
  16. Sphere Rocket VA

Social media platforms

Facebook and LinkedIn communities & groups

Facebook and LinkedIn communities and groups are unsurprisingly a great source of jobs and tips. The only downside is that no one checks these job posts' legitimacy, so it’s easier to see scams on these groups. It still varies and depends on how the admins and community founders manage the groups. They’re still worth the try. Just be discerning. Refer to this article on how to check scams and how to avoid being scammed). Simply type “Virtual Assistant” or “remote work” on Facebook or LinkedIn and you’ll be presented with several groups you can join.

Landing your first VA job or getting that first client may be the hardest part of this entire process but it’ll be worth it. Here’s what I suggest you do with this information:

  1. Check out all the websites you see here
  2. Create a profile and add your experience
  3. Optimize your profil and add keywords in your About section
  4. Make sure your about section is more about what you can do for your clients
  5. Add samples of previous work. If you're a beginner, add your mock projects

Good luck in your job search! You got this.
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