5 Underrated VA/EA skills to practice in 2024

Knowledge Development and Upskilling
March 3, 2024
2 minutes
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In the digital era where remote work is becoming the norm, the role of Virtual Assistants (VAs) has become increasingly significant. Despite their importance, there are certain virtual assistants to practice that help you stand out, which are often underrated. This blog post will discuss these skills in detail: Composure, Action-Orientation, Leadership, People Skills, and Observant.


One of the most underrated skills of a Virtual Assistant is composure. The ability to maintain calm in challenging situations is vital especially if you're working as a VA in a fast pace company. If you're a composed VA, you can think clearly, make rational decisions, and provide effective solutions. This trait is particularly useful in managing the unexpected challenges that often arise in a virtual work environment.

Action item: Practice mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or yoga, to help manage stress and maintain composure during challenging situations.


Being action-oriented is another crucial yet underrated skill of a VA. This involves taking initiative, being proactive, and responding quickly to tasks. An action-oriented VA does not wait for instructions but anticipates needs, plans ahead, and gets things done efficiently. Most clients go back to a VA who they deemed as proactive.

Action item: Set daily goals and create a task list every morning. This will help you become more proactive and efficient in your daily tasks.


Surprisingly, leadership is an underrated skill for VAs. Even though they work remotely, VAs often need to take charge, make decisions, and guide others. This requires a blend of other skills such as decision-making, communication, and problem-solving.

Action item: Take online leadership courses or read leadership books to boost your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

People Skills

People skills or interpersonal skills are essential for VAs. This skill helps to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues, which is vital for remote work.

Action item: Improve your people skills by attending online social events, participating in team-building activities, or taking communication skills courses.


Being observant is a crucial skill for a VA. This involves being aware of the details and changes in your work environment, which will allow you to anticipate needs and respond accordingly.

Action item: Practice active listening and note-taking during meetings or conversations, and regularly review your work environment for any changes or improvements.

In conclusion, while technical skills are crucial for a VA, it's the often-underrated skills like composure, being action-oriented, leadership, people skills, and being observant that truly set an outstanding Virtual Assistant apart. Recognizing, developing, and honing these skills can greatly enhance a Virtual Assistant's performance and their contribution to the overall success of a team.
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