12 Best tools every Virtual Assistant should use in 2023

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March 3, 2024
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Virtual assistants get to wear many hats. We handle various tasks - calendar management, travel planning, and project management among others. Although a great VA or online Executive assistant will do just fine doing all these..tools help them do better and work more efficiently.

So in this tech era, any remote worker should be familiar with different tools. But which ones?  Here, I’ve listed out the top 12 tools every VA should use or know how to use in 2023.

1. Gmail

According to emailmeter.com, Google boasts 1.8 billion users, while Outlook is 400 million. And this was in 2022. These two are the most common email services that people use. Gmail having more users make so much sense because Gmail is part of a more extensive product suite from Google. Using Gmail makes it easier to sync your calendar, google searches, google drive, and so much more. So if you’re a Virtual Assistant, it’s just about right that you’re not just familiar with Gmail but know how to use it well. You should know how labels, filters, and scheduling on Gmail work. Knowing Gmail will allow you to manage your boss’ email effectively.

2. Calendly

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that makes scheduling much smoother and more manageable. It reduces the message ping pong that usually takes place when finding a time that works for everyone. It’s helpful, especially if you’re handling the calendar of a busy individual.

3. Google Calendar

The most commonly used online calendar right now is Google Calendar. It allows users to add events, set reminders, add guests, and send event invites to people. Just like Gmail, Google Calendar is part of the entire product package offered by Google. Once you create your Gmail account, everything else comes with it. For VAs, familiarizing themselves with Google Calendar is a must because it’s where all events and reminders live. Everything that takes up time should be plotted on the calendar.

4. Slack

Remote or online work is excellent because of its perks, but one thing that suffers is communication and collaboration. Communication can be challenging when working online or managing a remote team. And it’s for this reason that tools like Slack become helpful. Slack is an all-in-one communication tool that allows teams to chat about everything work in one place. It also integrates with other tools, making it easier for teams to collaborate or get notifications without switching from one app to another.

5. Monday.com or Asana

Teams nowadays can work efficiently with the help of a project management software like Asana or Monday.com. If you familiarize yourself with one of these two, using the other would be easier. These tools allow remote or online teams to collaborate on projects and tasks by providing a space to add tasks, project descriptions, assignees, due dates, and more. The beautiful thing about this is you don’t have to create the system yourself. It’s already built for you, complete with integrations and data.

6. Notion

Notion is my favorite tool of all time. It’s just a great all-in-one tool for documentation and task management. Notion is perfect for solo entrepreneurs or small teams if you want to have the means to store your documents like SOPs, contract templates, meeting notes, and company documentation. The best thing about using Notion to keep all these documents is that you can connect them or mention them anywhere. It also integrates with apps like Google Drive, Figma, Asana, and more.

7. Zoom or Google meet

Zoom or Google Meet had become any business or entrepreneur’s communication tool, especially when the pandemic started. It allows video calling to make meetings, online discussions, and webinars happen. It’s been indeed a lifesaver, especially for remote teams.

8. Loom

Though Zoom or google meet and video calling software are great, some discussions do not require a video call or a meeting. This is where Loom comes in. Loom is a tool that allows users to share their screen and a voice-over. The best thing about Loom is it makes screen sharing so much easier because you don’t necessarily need to upload the video to Google Drive to share it. Every loom video you create can be shared using a link generated once you’re done recording. You can use Loom to give feedback, updates, and tutorials that require screen sharing for better information sharing.

9. Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro timer is one of the most life-changing simple tools I’ve used in my career. It’s simple, yet it helped increase my productivity.

10. ChatGPT

ChatGPT may be a threat to many people, but we can all admit that it has changed how we think. As a VA, you can utilize chatGPT when coming up with ideas or give you answers. It can help you develop topics, potential captions, or even strategies. The key is not relying on what the chatbot says but getting an idea and elaborating from there.

11. Otter.ai

Notes-taking and transcription have also become much easier these days. With otter.ai, note-taking has always been less challenging. If you don’t have it synced with your Zoom app, you can upload the video recording, and Otter will transcribe it. From there, you can take essential points and summaries from Otter and save it on your Notion notes page.

12. Todoist

A personal task management tool for yourself will allow you to work more productively and ensure you don’t miss any task. As a VA, our bosses rely on us for information and not miss any task, so we must have all of them somewhere. And it’s essential to have a tool to catch these tasks and be able to organize them. Why still use todoist if you're using Asana? Because todoist can be used for both your work and personal life while asana is best to be kept for work-related and project management.

Virtual Assistants or Online Executive Assistants usually work alone. We are our own department and we don’t have teammates to help us. That’s why it’s important to know which tools can help us in completing a task on time or software that improve our work.

Action items

  1. Check out the links of each tool and see their features
  2. Most of these tools have a free plan. So sign up and try them for yourself. Familiarize yourself with the features

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