5 reasons every Virtual Assistant should create a LinkedIn account

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March 3, 2024
3 minutes
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If I could give ONLY one tip to any aspiring online EA/VA or freelancer..I would tell them to create their LinkedIn account.


Unlike other social media platforms where you scroll endlessly for hours and not learn anything or get bombarded by inappropriate or meaningless content, LinkedIn is built differently.

When you join LinkedIn, you can to boost your career and expand your professional network. You can create a powerful online resume (that you can download as PDF btw), discover job opportunities, connect with people and companies that can help you achieve your goals and lastly, you can ask for recommendations from your network to showcase your expertise and enhance your credibility. If you follow the right people, you’ll learn a thing or two about several topics too.

Let’s break each point down.

1. Create a powerful Online resume

LinkedIn acts like an online resume. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites on the internet, LinkedIn is here for the sole purpose of helping anyone with their career. You LinkedIn account or profile is your resume.

  • Create an attractive headline - role + what you can deliver/have delivered/impact or value you’re going to add/specialize in
  • Add a professional headshot
  • Add a profile summary
  • Add your work history
  • Add your education history
  • Add your certifications

BONUS: You can download a PDF copy of your LinkedIn profile. Just like a resume you can submit when applying to jobs.

2. Discover job opportunities

LinkedIn has a JOB board where agencies and companies post their job vacancies. If you’re just starting and is not clear about what services to provide, check out the job descriptions of these vacancies then assess which requirements you can fulfills and which ones you need to work on. job boards are not just good to know which companies have vacancy but also a good place to get information on what skills are needed for some roles.

LinkedIn's job portal

3. Connect with people and follow companies or personalities

You can connect with people and follow companies. On Linkedin, you can connect/follow with almost anyone. Some of them might not accept your connection invite but there’s no harm in trying. Another thing that LinkedIn is great at, is giving the chance to follow company and feature rollout updates of tools and software you use.

4. Ask for recommendation

Find your past coworkers, friends, and family on LinkedIn and ask them to give you recommendations. This is the best way to showcase skills and expertise not just from previous clients but also teammates.

A sample of a recommendation section

When you’re starting your remote job or career, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information you get everywhere and the long list of things you need to do to get started. My advice, get started with one then slowly work your way on the rest. Creating your Linked profile is a good start.

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